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Tamara Taysom


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Josh Fikentscher


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Tamara Taysom


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Eric Johnson



George Anderton



Alex Hinman


"Friends of the Gulf Branch Nature Center" Representatives:

Josh Fikentscher & Eric Johnson


The Blacksmiths' Guild of the Potomac, Inc.
Gulf Branch Nature Center
3608 North Military Road
Arlington, VA. 22207

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Hello Folks,

New news:

Please note that the casting demo on Aug 4th has been canceled. We ran into some logistical issues with a pour of that size. A big one was our free scrap copper source dried up! We will reschedule/redesign and get back to folks. Instead I will be doing the leaf demo that was skipped last meeting.

Also, Tamara will be doing a basic intro for new guests starting at 7:00 (before the business meeting).

Older news:

The combination to the Gulf Branch forge will be changing at the July 21st meeting.

Please contact Alex Hinman (Shopmaster) to get the new combo. Per the guilds rules, your dues will need to be up to date to have shop privileges including the new combination. Please contact Tamara Taysom (membership chair) with any questions about your membership status.

I have updated the calendar with new BGOP demos and other events. This will include a demo from Caitlin Morris at the September 1st meeting. She will be doing a “Legs on Things” demo.

Also, please note that nominations for the board will opening at the September 15th meeting. Phil, Mike and Josh’s terms are up this year.

See you at the forge,


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      Spring Fling Information

Spring Fling 2017 Details

April 21,22 & 23

Kim Thomas
Richard Sulivan


New Location for 2017: Clear Brook, Virginia.

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Old Traditions in a New World from Laura Rush on Vimeo.

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7:30 PM 1st and 3rd Fridays
of each month.

In the Forge at the Gulf Branch Nature Center

3608 North Military Rd.,  Arlington, VA

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